Another Flea: CD + Download
  • Another Flea: CD + Download

Another Flea: CD + Download

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Max Hay's 2012 studio album has new sounds, new songs, and an electric anger that makes the previous records run for their lives. CD's of "Another Flea" are only available here or at concerts. If you prefer to download, it's available here and at all the major online dealers. (Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and many others.)
The Songs:

Fictional characters, Timmik Graw and Tobeek Eeth, come to life in the punk-rockabilly anthem, "Timmik Graw's Goatee." The title track, "Another Flea" is a victorious blues number, celebrating a triumph over sickness and road fatigue. "Career Objectives," a Bossa-Nova groove, plots out the meager goals of a starving artist and ends tragically when a guest slide-flautist makes a mockery of the tightly arranged masterpiece. "All Up in My Busiiness," a heavy seated blues, articulates the abusive relationship between a man and his hemmorroid. "Dogbite Moon," a dirge marking the death of a pleasant evening, is probably too drunk to allow in your car. Listen to it at home at a reasonable volume. The album closes with "What Happened?," a melodic poem about a parent's indwelling, however unfounded, regret over allowing a child to grow up. True, that's only 6. You'll need to buy it to learn about the other one!

All songs written by Max Hay. Engineered/Produced by Max Hay in hotel rooms, buddy's houses, basements, and bars across Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska, USA. Mastered by Blake Bickel at Dynamic Sound Services - Seattle, WA.

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